When girls rise, we all rise

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Girl Up is a UN foundation initiative that aims to improve girls' leadership abilities, rights, and opportunities. Girl Up Disha- KMC Chapter is a club that is affiliated with the foundation under the GirlUp Campaign Chain. Disha, as its name indicates, aims to make a difference by functioning as a guiding source for everyone.

One of our core beliefs is to empower girls’ lives by providing them basic access to menstrual products and eliminating the stigma attached to menstruation. With this in mind, GirlUp Disha chose to host discussions on menstruation and the importance of menstrual hygiene as part of “Project Code Red”.

Project Code Red was a two-fold project under which, one team arranged a Panel Discussion with eight experts from the said field spanning across two days, and the other team researched various aspects of menstrual hygiene which then was used to prepare a presentation on all of the pertinent subjects under the consultation of two gynecologists for accuracy. To increase awareness among our audience and provide first-hand accurate information on the subject, we hosted an Instagram live session with a gynecologist, started the #stoptheblue advocacy campaign, and also organized a Period Art contest on our social media wherein people gave their creative viewpoint for the topic.

There was a huge turnout from all around Delhi for our various activities. We collaborated with one school and three non-profit organizations as our benefit partners provided them with modules curated by us and proofread by gynecologists so as to educate them about the taboo issue of 'menstruation', hygiene measures to take throughout the menstrual process and address associated facets. The speakers emphasized the need of maintaining menstrual hygiene, as it may lead to a slew of other difficulties in a woman's body, such as urinary infections and physical health issues. We were able to educate more than 100 children as a result of our efforts. The road to menstrual equity is yet a long one but we must all take the necessary measures in this direction in order to assist one another in rising.

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