Transforming women to the new age entrepreneurs of tomorrow: Impact Story of Enactus JMC

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

With a team of 100 members, Enactus Jesus and Mary College are committed to transforming the oppressed women of yesterday to the new age entrepreneurs of tomorrow and while doing so, they are also covering 10 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Starting in November 2017, Project Iffat aimed at encouraging handwashing among underprivileged communities along with managing solid soap waste generated by branded hotels. The project works towards the ecological management of water resources and improves sanitation by upcycling the barely used soap bars into newly formed soap cakes. The raw materials are provided by the partner hotels namely Crown Plaza, The Park, and Ramada, etc. whereas, for the production of the soap bars, Iffat has employed people affected by HIV AIDS as they experience three times the national unemployment rate along with social exclusion and blatant discrimination. The project thereby provides them with employment opportunities and works for their inclusion while making them financially independent.

To maintain the hygiene quality, Iffat soaps have been tested and approved by the Delhi Test House, NABL, and BIS accredited organizations. The products are currently available in three fragrances; rose, lavender, and lotus. These recycled soap bars come in biodegradable packaging and are sold at affordable rates. To further diversify the project and its cause, the team aims to venture into the production of paper soaps and organic floor cleaners.

As paper soaps are portable, easy to use, biodegradable & as effective as conventional soaps, they are the need of the hour. Keeping their community’s well-being as their top priority, team Enactus JMC learned and started with the production of paper soaps on its own and then virtually trained the same process to the community. A batch of 500 paper soaps was successfully distributed among the auto and rickshaw drivers who come in contact with multiple people daily. The team is currently working to make this project a sustainable business model.

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