The Placement Cell, DRC: Bridging the Gap

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Daulat Ram College has stayed true to its age-old belief of bringing every possible opportunity to the students. The Placement Cell of the college has gone above and beyond to make this vision a reality. With a dedicated team, supportive faculty, and an unbeatable attitude, the Cell has broken records and set benchmarks for other colleges.

A divide certainly exists between the corporate world and the relatively sheltered college life. At Placement Cell, DRC, the team has strived to bridge the gap effortlessly with countless internships and recruitment offers. They haven’t stopped there, either. The Cell has undertaken several initiatives to combine resources and aid students in their preparation for bagging their dream job.

One such series started by them, Futurepedia focuses on individual courses pursued by students and the opportunities they open up for them. It has been positively received by the students, with many remarking that they feel much more confident after knowing their options. Another series, the Placement Agent, talked about tips and tricks to stand out when appearing for the much-dreaded selection process.

Admirably, their efforts go way beyond mere words. The Cell is renowned for conducting CV Building workshops, where team members work tirelessly to deliver impeccable CVs tailored to the candidate’s strength. Their annual career and internship fair, Incrementum, has proven to be a massive success even in the trying times of the pandemic. A testimony to it is the provision of stipend up to 20,000 and CTC up to 6 lakhs per annum in Incrementum 4.0, organized in March 2021.

At Placement Cell, DRC, the team believes in the capabilities of students and doesn’t settle for anything less than the best for them. With a passionate spirit and an impressive record, the Cell is determined to do better each day and redefine success

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