The Champions of India: In conversation with IIT D

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

In 2020, Enactus IIT Delhi completed a decade of impacting lives. As we look at their journey and accomplishments through these 10 years, the team has successfully completed 7 projects. While all of these 7 initiatives made them the youth icons of India, let’s find out about the projects which made them the champions of Enactus India.

Project Aanch : Launched in 2013, Project Aanch aims to solve the problem of indoor air pollution caused due to outdated designs of stoves used mostly in villages. Students at Enactus IIT D designed an innovative household stove, simplified the process, and taught a few ladies how to manufacture and assemble the same. Within 3 years, more women joined and in total, 16 women entrepreneurs started manufacturing and selling Aanch stoves to people in their own community. The sales of Aanch stoves have not only impacted the lives of over 1100 families and given them a healthier lifestyle but also generated revenue of over INR 1.5 lakh and have helped these female entrepreneurs live an independent life.

Project Nirmalya: Team Enactus IIT D developed a range of products that enabled the composting of organic waste at the source itself, thereby reducing waste at landfills. The project, aimed at creating a decentralized waste management system, has successfully established 10 entrepreneurs. They are now responsible for handling the manufacturing, sales, delivery and also ensure after-sales services to the customers. Starting in 2015, this project has brought revenue of $86400 till date and has empowered the businesses of Sugriha potters and Ruchitra manufacturers attaining a rise in their income by 150% and 100% respectively. To know more about team IIT Delhi & their projects, click here.

In conversation with Naman Bhargava, 3rd year, Biochemical and biotechnology, IIT-Delhi He was a part of the student’s council and was the president of Enactus IIT Delhi in the last session

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