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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Ritva KMC, Kirori Mal’s chapter of the United Nations Ritva foundation is the first of its kind, taking the initiative to DE-stigmatize menstruation, prioritize menstrual health and address the much-deserted issue of eco-friendly and sustainable menstruation. “Menstruation is not a women’s issue but a human issue”, says Tanisha Pandit (Founder). Periods are a taboo buried deep in myths and stereotypes, from being shamed for menstruating to being restricted to enter temples; RitvaKMC is on the quest to destroy this menstrual stigma through service, education, and advocacy.

Most women especially in rural India are unaware of the cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives of period products and good period practices, RitvaKMC, therefore, launched a pan-India drive to distribute eco-friendly sanitary pads and spread awareness of healthy and hygienic periods in rural areas.

"Safe and sustainable menstrual products are a necessity, not a luxury! These must be accessible to all out there,” says Srishti (Event management head) while distributing pads and sensitizing women via Pradhanmantri Janaushadhi centers. Starting with the primary aim to normalize and DE-stigmatize menstruation, RitvaKMC has been growing and now engages in several women-related agendas such as: Promoting eco-friendly period products, the Importance of menstrual health and hygiene, spreading awareness about policy programs regarding menstruation, and other issues related to breastfeeding, self-care, PCOD, etc. via successful signature campaigns, conferences, debates, quizzes, competitions, collaborations with different colleges and influencers.

“At RitvaKMC,” says Riddhi Almadi, (President) “Periods are not too gross, too weird, or too inappropriate to talk about!”

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