Menses Matters

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Being a girl myself, I was never fond of “that time of the month” and especially the weird restrictions around it. I, like most of the menstruators, exactly remember the horrifying experience of my 1st period. I started having my periods earlier than my other classmates and getting my uniform stained was a normal routine for me. It wasn’t just the ruined uniform I used to be worried about but also the judgmental looks I used to receive. After a couple of similar incidents, I started skipping school during periods. Well, with time, I learned how to abide by all the rules and save myself from any period shaming, but there was this undefinable angst against this society for always restricting me during my periods every month.

Things were fine till I got diagnosed with endometriosis and went through critical surgery. It wasn’t the best moment of my life but that was when I realized, that even after having access to all the period information, I couldn’t make myself aware that I might be an endometriosis patient. A year later, I started off with Menses Matters, I wanted to reach out and create a safe platform to have the “Period Talk”.

I started connecting to gynecologists to hold informative sessions and even started with the pad distribution drives in the local areas. As the name suggests, this page is focused on making the menstruators realize that their menstruation matters and thus should be given due importance in their lives. Period shaming is a deep-rooted issue and thus I don’t expect it to go away with few posts and drives, but I do believe that persistence efforts will help in smashing down the stigma around it.

Isha Jhunjhunwala is born and brought up in a small town in Bihar. She used to work with Deloitte but has now taken a break from her corporate life to focus on her long-term goals and give more time to Menses matters.

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