JMC's step forward in making sustainable development a reality.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Started in 2019 by Reet Malhotra & 4 other JMC college students, COSMOS - a WWF initiative, is a step forward to make sustainable development a reality. It caters to the needs of sustainability & helps in spreading awareness about how we contribute so negatively to the environment with our daily use items. The products under their Project Mulher are a step towards a sustainable environment along with being pocket-friendly.

“The first product that we're launching is 'Set-In Stain' enzymatic multi-purpose cleaners which are 100% organic. This product is a direct substitute to the chemically manufactured cleaners in the market which cause respiratory problems to the elderly and infants in a house” explains Reet, “The second product is Meraki, a line of eco-friendly air fresheners available in multiple fragrances. Made with handpicked ingredients collected from fruit vendors, it recycles the waste produced in the ecosystem along with spreading a beautiful aroma.”

An NGO based in Tughlakabad helped them meet a community of unemployed women, who are now the manufacturers of both the products under Project Mulher. They are very happy to earn the amount that COSMOS distributed them as their wages and profits after selling the initial batch of the products. Currently, the team is working towards educating the ladies about microenterprise building, basic finance & math along with some English terms so they can independently run the project in the future, right from manufacturing, handling finances to pitching the products to the customers. Read more about COSMOS JMC here In conversation with Reet Malhotra, Founder & President of cosmos, JMC

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