If you can’t help 10, help 1: Impact story of Jai Hind.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Project Nazif, started by Enactus Jai Hind College, aims to recycle unused and discarded soaps from hotels into clean and fresh liquid hand wash soaps, that can be purchased by the lower section of the society at affordable prices. The project is run by ladies of Kamathipura, a red light area in Mumbai, thereby giving them employment as well as access to sanitation at a low cost. The raw material for the project is obtained free of cost from hotels and other establishments, converted into liquid soaps by the ladies, and then sold to various shops, eateries, and other establishments around the community itself.

Since the inception of the project in 2018, the team members and the community have been teaching everyone, the importance of washing hands properly. Even in this pandemic, the production is going on with the coordination between community leaders & NGOs and the capacity of production is fulfilling the needs of the area the community lives in, thereby ensuring proper hygiene in and around the community.

Students at Enactus Jai Hind believe that if you can’t help 10, start by helping 1. Eventually, you will start creating an impact around you in no time and that is how Project Nazif started with a few ladies has impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Read more about the team here.

In conversation with Vanika 3rd year - Bachelors in Mass Media, Jai hind College She is currently an advisory member to team Enactus and in her previous college years, she has been the vice president of Enactus, the core team member of BMM fest, and also a part of Ecell of her college.

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