Ashoka: A campus that never sleeps

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Two years ago, Hrithik and 7 other students of Ashoka University came together to help out the underprivileged around them by means of social entrepreneurship and that is how Enactus Ashoka came into existence.

They started with an Eco-friendly initiative called “Lakeer” back in 2018 with the aim of using recycled paper to introduce a sustainable alternative to the diaries currently available in the market. The idea involved making handmade diaries and covers using upcycled paper & discarded cloth. But that’s not all their project had to offer, they also gave an opportunity to a community of underprivileged women based in slums near Vasant Kunj, who were taught to make these diaries and their covers using skills like block printing and stitching. That is how the ladies are using their now mastered skills to make the diaries and are also prepared to be independent and earn more in the future. A well carried dual motive initiative, indeed!

Enactus Ashoka, a team of 30 students together overcome barriers that other Enactus teams rarely faced. “Finding the community for the project was itself a challenging task as our campus is miles away from Delhi, where all of the NGOs that we contacted were situated.” Says Hrithik, “So these logistical barriers exist till date as even after finalizing the community, it was impossible for our members to visit Delhi as Ashoka has a campus that never sleeps, our classes and meetings go on 24*7. So by conducting meetings on weekdays and visiting the community on weekends, we are now running the project successfully.”

“So the spirit of collaboration was instilled in our team from the very beginning. Not only did we have inter Ashoka collaborations but also one with Enactus SSCBS where their team conducted a workshop and helped our community become aware of the importance of sanitation and hygiene" Know more about Enactus Ashoka here

In conversation with Hrithik Ganju, Economics and Finance Hons. – 3rd Year, Ashoka University.

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