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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

With an objective of sustainable development, Enactus ARSD believes in honing the entrepreneurial skills of underprivileged communities and providing them employment opportunities while catering to the global goals of sustainable development. Thereby, aiming to transform innovation into action and action into progress.

Project Kalakaari, initiated by the team in the year 2018, enables women living in the slums of Satya Niketan and in a shelter home near Malka Ganj, Delhi to produce a wide range of handbags, folders, bottle covers, and other products using upcycled cloth collected through donation drives Through this project, Enactus ARSD has endeavored to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to people belonging to economically weaker backgrounds. Apart from this, they kept the goal of a plastic-free environment in mind and are helping these underprivileged communities to produce and sell canvas cloth bags with the aim to substitute toxic plastic bags and promote usage of reusable canvas bags made from cotton, flax, and hemp plants. The project, thereby, encourages environmental protection along with empowerment and economic growth in underprivileged families living in socially neglected areas.

Project Srijan acts as a binding force in the empowerment of two communities; the gardeners and the potters. Team Enactus ARSD firstly approaches the seasonally unemployed gardeners and provides them with the job of growing and nurturing miniature air purifying and mosquito repellent plants. Then they proceed to partner with mini-pots created by the potter’s community. Finally, after combining the two products, the team markets the final product online and all the proceeds are given back to the communities. Project Srijan helps the team to promote indoor plants and also create awareness about their importance for good health and the environment.

During the ongoing crisis, the team has been working on two projects, Project Niramya and Project Suvidha.

The prevention of health issues is easier than the cure of the disease and amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, health is the most valuable asset we have. After days of brainstorming sessions in the middle of a pandemic, Enactus ARSD introduced 'Project Niramaya' which is a beacon of hope to reduce the current and foreseeable challenges posed by pandemics. On the other hand, Project Suvidha is a newly introduced delivery chain network. It employs rickshaw drivers and laborers, who pick up groceries and other essential products from the shops and deliver the same at the doorstep of the customers. Thus, eliminating contact and employing people from the weaker section of the society. All these initiatives prove that Enactus ARSD is a team of young thinkers who believe that a sense of empathy, a spirit of empowerment, and resultant ecstasy can work wonders in creating a better world. To know more about Team Enactus ARSD, click here.

In conversation with Anushka Bhardwaj, Core Team Member, Enactus ARSD College

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